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Interproximal Reduction (IPR)


Interproximal reduction (the removal of interproximal enamel to reduce the mesial-distal size of teeth) became more and more popular over the past years with the rise of clear aligner treatments such as InvisalignTM, Essix Minor Tooth MovementTM, EclignerTM or customized systems to gain space by modifying the enamel with slenderizing techniques




Basically IPR is an adjunctive technique employed to reduce intra-arch crowding of up to 8mm and to increase stability by flattening contact surfaces. It facilitates moving teeth shorter distances as opposed to extraction cases, and has further advantages of less relapse, more parallel roots and more stable contact points. It should be avoided in patients with very poor hygiene or very rectangular teeth and teeth with little interproximal enamel. Although 8-9mm of space per arch may be achieved by removing interproximal enamel, Dr. Sheridan has recommended creating no more than .5mm shared space in the anterior interproximal points. Thus crowding of 2.5mm in the anterior may be resolved without expansion just using IPR of the anterior 5 contact points.


SDC Products


G5 line has been developed to provide more flexibility and safety. The innovative G5 affords new opportunities in dentistry; it is now also possible to use the new files for remodeling interproximal embrasures or finishing and final polishing of restorative materials like ceramics and composites.


Orthofile and Prostrip can be used in orthodontics as well as in general dentistry. With the new G5 Prostrip and Prolign it is possible to easily exchange the diamond coating by replacing the file and leaving its shank in the head. Attachment and removal of the bend file are made real quick and easy due to the click-mechanism. Once the treatment is completed, the shaft can be disposed or – if preferred- sterilized to be reused.


The files can be inserted on both sides; by doing so- in case of the diamond-coated files on one side - left as well as right can be used with the same file.


After all the new G5 ProShape allows finishing and polishing of spaces which are treated with ceramics or odontological composites. A non-diamond-coated area provides the opportunity to insert the file into the contact point without damaging the enamel.


All G5 files can principally also be used manually; however, it is self-evident that mechanically driven the convenience is far higher and the treatment times are significantly shorter (5 time more efficiently than manuals methods).